Skylights In My Store

When I opened up my store, I wanted to do whatever I possibly could in order to save as much on energy as possible.  That was the reason that I decided to have skylights installed, as they would allow sun to come in through the ceiling so that we would need fewer lights up there.  Of course, being that I had never had skylights installed in any building before, I needed to get some expert opinions regarding commercial skylight installation san antonio tx.  In order to get all of the info that I needed, the internet was the very first place that I looked, and I found all of the info that I needed on the topic and then some.  In fact, I was not only able to get info regarding the type of skylights that we ought to have installed in the building, but I was also able to get info regarding the companies in the area that handle this sort of thing.

commercial skylight installation san antonio tx

I figured that skylights would be a great way for the company to save money while also being friendly to the environment, so it was definitely a good situation for us to be in.  I found a company that many others have trusted to have skylight installation done on commercial buildings, and I contacted them to have the skylights installed as the building was still being constructed.  They got them installed, and I noticed right away how bright the building was during the day.

The best thing about this is that it provides a great environment for my customers while they are in the store, and this helps them to feel more comfortable, which also seems to help our sales.  I can’t say how much this has helped sales, but I’m sure it has.

Landscape Design

What makes a landscape something that is aesthetically pleasing and more than just a gathering of plants?

We have all seen some gardens or parks which look amazing. It isn’t a happy accident that these places look so good. Someone(s) have put a lot of time and thought into making it look that way


The first element of an award winning landscapes chester land oh is the line, which can run in any direction and perform different functions. Lines contribute to the feel and will move you through space in a way the designer envisages

Plant Forms

Plants come in all sort of shape and size and so can create a look and feel and variety. For example, if you have a straight line path and add tall columnar plants at each side, you will create a formal, linear feel.


In landscape, the color is always changing. The seasons affect the color of individual plants, and the colors of a blooming plant are different from their non-blooming periods.

award winning landscapes chester land oh

Colors can be weaved through the space to create a different vista throughout the year.


Landscapes are touch places, and this is not limited to the plants. A gravel path feels different from a paved one and elicits a different emotional response to the space.


A designer will bring all these elements together and creates a space which works altogether. Their eye and experience will help you create the sort of feel you want in an outside space as well as incorporating any special features you want.

If you want to add a fire pit or water feature they will have ideas about where and how to achieve the look you want to accomplish.

They also have that rare knowledge; they know what doesn’t work too.